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__ the heartache sound.

how metal is that

26 August

Alright so. M'name is Kendall or Kenny works fine too.
I'm an ugly person, don't ask any of my
friends , they'll all lie to you. They don't know what to
think and some how I've hypnotized them into thinking something
else, on accident. Psh. Me and my not so real powers. Anyways,I make simple machines. I know how to make the lever, the gear, and the inclined plane. I do not know how to make the pulley so don't even ask. I build traps in peoples front yards while they are asleep. The only trap I know how to make is the hole. I watch people fall into my traps on the way to their office jobs in the morning. "Take that IBM" I say to myself, "your productivity is minus 1 today!" Then I laugh menacingly. After this I usually eat waffles and try to learn how to build other traps, however my research is to no avail. The hole is the superior trap anyway. One day I will probably wake up to find myself trapped in one of my own holes. I will say to myself "Damn it, I should have never taught my hole technology to them." I love this journal and
I wont be moving any time soon, so you're safe to add me here.




Most my icons were made by me unless stated other wise in the
keywords. I always try to give credit. I know how it's a bitch
when someone doesn't credit you. It happens to me a lot. So if
I have one of your icons and it is indeed not credited then tell
me and I'll be more than happy to credit you. [;

My layouts are usually made by me unless I state otherwise. The
one that's up now was indeed made by me it is copyright so if you take any images, or coding you WILL be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.But,If you'd like a layout
you can IM me or leave a comment in my journal.
[: I'd be more than happy to help ya out.

I got all of my (PSP8) brushes from the following places

Pete Wentz is Love. <3

Remember Stick Stickly? WE DO!